Review: The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007)

The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007)
Director: Dario Piana
Writer: Brendan Hood
Stars: Mike Vogel, Jaime Murray, Christina Cole 

I will admit, I do some digging before I head to the video store (Yes, I still go to those; they exist). And when I saw the reviews for this flick, I was not at all encouraged. It fared better than a few of its partners in the 2nd batch of the After Dark series, but ya know… Anyhow, I think this is one of my favorites in the bunch I have seen so far. Although, I’m not far into my After Dark journey.

The open scene is in the last few precious seconds of a hockey game. Ian has just scored the goal that should have won him the game, but it turns out the clock stopped for him. By the way, you might notice that our gentleman hero is played by Mike Vogel, who is no stranger to the horror world. You would have seen him in Stephen King’s Under the Dome, Bate’s Motel, and the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  (I just saved you from pausing to IMDb that; you’re welcome.) But anyway, as Ian leaves after the game, obviously upset, he gets that weird feeling. That feeling that all horror movie characters get right before shit starts to hit the fan. And wouldn’t you know it; he’s right! He ends his night being killed. Bummer.

But never fear; he wakes up the next morning! In a new life, that is.

This would be a tough one to go into detail about without ruining in, but as you can imagine from reading the plot line, this happens a few times to young Ian, with each life getting progressively worse. And then it takes a real turn for the bizarre. I’m talking some Clive Barker level weirdness going on. But that can be taken as originality, so thumbs up on that one!

This is one of those where the start and middle of the movie were entertaining, if not a touch slow to start. But I will say if it had continued, this would have been a pretty solid movie. But a slightly weak reveal and a bit of a dragger for an ending shuffled it down a few slots. That and the terrible CGI. I can forgive the CGI though.

The acting was pretty spot on. Nothing crazy, but it’s great to see some familiar faces in the After Dark franchise. This is one to check out; forgive and remember what it is, and you’ll be just peaches. 

- Maddy Griep 

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